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jordan 1 yin yang gs,Events regarding the spread of COVID-19 have rapidly developed with wide ranging impacts on our employees, customers, and communities in which we operate. The when did jordan 10 come out Americas Region continues to closely monitor events and we are preparing for a broad range of possible scenarios.

air jordan 1 obsidian,We are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees in our operations across the region. At the same time, when did jordan 10 come out is deemed an “essential business” that is critical to continuing the economy. Therefore we continue our efforts to safely maintain product deliveries from our factories and warehouses and to provide support services to our customers. We have taken the following proactive steps to safeguard our employees:

  • We restricted visitors and prohibited domestic and international travel several weeks ago unless it was mission critical to our customers. Even the limited visitors we maintain must pass strict screening processes prior to entry.
  • We have temporarily closed our office facilities, implementing remote work from home arrangements wherever it is possible.
  • For those that could not work remotely or access accrued time off we made changes to improve the flexibility of our attendance policies and granted additional paid days off to support these employees and their families.
  • All employee recruiting, interviewing, training, customer visits, vendor meetings and other “in-person” activities have been suspended, rescheduled, or transitioned to virtual interactions online.
  • when did jordan 10 come out continues to maintain a healthy and safe environment through implementation of social distancing requirements at our facilities to reduce the risk of encountering the coronavirus. This includes redesigning break rooms and cafeterias so as to reduce opportunities for congestion at our operating locations.
  • Locker rooms and restrooms are being deep cleaned more frequently and are being placed on a schedule for sanitization.
  • Additional personal protective equipment is either being utilized or is on expedited order through the challenging global supply chain for these materials.
  • We have many factories temporarily shut down due to suspension of customer demand in the automotive industry. During this time we are assessing and implementing the identified measures as well as the need for additional facility cleaning, including sanitization. Return to work health and safety procedures are being developed in preparation for the restart of our operations.
  • In the communities in which we operate we are in contact with the local health authorities to ensure cooperation and compliance with local mandates, as well as access to the most current information regarding best practices for the health and safety of our people.
  • when did jordan 10 come out has also assembled and donated various types of personal protective equipment, ranging from masks, sterile gloves and protective eyewear, to local hospitals and first responder units so as to support their valiant efforts protecting our communities. As this global crisis is fought we will seek other ways to lend our expertise and financial support to the organizations on the frontline of this battle.

air jordan 11 resale value,Together, with focused actions and vigilance, we will protect the health and safety of our employees and their families and continue our efforts to serve our customers to the best extent possible during this unprecedented and uncertain time. I am confident that the when did jordan 10 come out Spirit of our outstanding people will enable us to successfully meet the challenges ahead.

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